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We are looking for part-time English tutors that can teach on Skype.

If you have experience teaching English and are a native English speaker (English is your first language), you are welcome to apply to join us. When you apply, please send us the following information:

The country where you were raised and learned English.
Your experience/background teaching English.
What level of education you reached.
How many hours you are open each week to teach.
How much you would like to be paid in US dollars for teaching a 50 minute lesson (please note our lessons are only 50 minutes in length).
If you are capable to teach IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, CAE, FCE, PET, or BEC. Please include a scanned copy or a picture of a certificate proving you are qualified to teach this exam or a certificate that you have passed this exam. Certificates for TESOL, TEFL, TESL, and CELTA are also welcome.
Please provide any other information that you think is relevant for us to know.

Please email your profile/resume to Should we select your profile, we will contact you for an interview on Skype.

About our system:

Our website attempts to match your schedule to a customer's schedule. If a customer likes your profile and schedule, they can book a lesson with you on Skype from your schedule. Thus, you are free to set your schedule to whatever you want and our system will do the rest. You can teach from anywhere you have a stable and fast internet connection.

Please note that our customers like to sample a tutor's teaching method before committing to paying for a lesson. Thus, a customer can book a 25 minute free trial with you and if the 25 minute free trial goes well, they can purchase a 50 minute paid lesson with you thereafter (the next lesson after the free trial must be a paid 50 minute lesson with you if the customer wants to continue). Hence, we do not pay you for the 25 minute free trial but we start paying you after they start purchasing a regular 50 minute lesson with you (while you are not paid for the 25 minute free trial, please note we are actively spending money out of our own pocket on advertising and marketing to bring you new customers).

The free trial is a common practice in the industry and will also help you to accumulate a base of paying customers faster. In addition, if the customer has not shown up within 10 minutes of the start of the free trial, you are free to immediately cancel the free trial. Also, after 6 months, if you have accumulated a large enough base of paid students to your liking, you may raise your rate for a 50 minute lesson by 10% to 15%.